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On August 29, 2017, there was a meeting at United Maize Farmer Association meeting parlor to design and validate strategies for sustainable funding of coaching, and other cluster business service supports. After a brief recap of the previous meeting by Mr Sola Fagorusi, the participants were introduced.

“As a group, how can fund be generated internally?” The BSS asked actors at the beginning of the interactive session. In their response, fund can be generated through: serial contribution; meeting dues; emergency contribution; and agreed subsidy.

The BSS proceeded by highlighting some other ways that fund can be generated to cluster.

Also, it is important to understand how action plan is drawn, so that cluster would do well after 2SCALE had ended, the BSS stated.

He continued by highlighting the core factors to be considered when drawing an action plan.

The BSS concluded by urging ABC to continue building on the strong relationship that had been established between POs through 2SCALE, so that they would have more opportunities in the future.



A second meeting was held on August 28, 2017 at United Maize Farmer Association Meeting Parlor, Araromi Area, Oyo, towards the purpose of organizing planning meetings for supporting the set-up of tertiary level PO/multi-stakeholder maize platform innovation.

The meeting was moderated by Mr. Sola Fagorusi and Mr. Olayiwola Sodiq, representatives of Onelife Initiative.

This project named 2SCALE, an acronym of “Towards Sustainable Cluster in Agribusiness through Learning in Entrepreneurship”, is sponsored by different International Organizations — IFDC, ICRA and BoP Inc. — to provide support (both capacity and technical) to all actors within Oyo ABC. The medium through which the cluster is reached is the Business Support Service Organization (Onelife Initiative).

The sponsor of this particular meeting is International Fertilizer Development Centre. Other maize partnerships that exist are: Apomu maize ABC, Iseyin maize ABC, Ogbomosho maize, and ABC.

Apart from maize ABC, some other partnerships that exist are: Cassava partnership in Ado-Awaye, Dairy partnership, and Vegetable partnership.

At the interactive session, the BSS asked cluster representatives that partook in the Review and Capitalization that held in Akure to brief ABC their resolutions.

Highlighted below are Oyo maize ABC notable accomplishments:

  • Establishment of a corporate account with United Bank of Africa (UBA);
  • ABC is registered with the State Government;
  • Direct linkage with His Grace store (a notable pesticide dealer);
  • Capacity strengthening workshop on the usage of sprayer and fertilizer; and
  • About 150acre of land almost secured for ABC cultivation.

The purpose of these meetings is to transform farmers from mere producers to business persons, the BSS explained.

As support from 2SCALE would end, cluster could adopt warrantage  scheme; an indigenous financing scheme, designed to enable POs have access to credits from banks, using their harvest produce as collateral. If properly done, it would enable POs to increase their production capacity, thereby increasing their revenue, but some important element must be in place.

The BSS charged actors within cluster to visit maize clusters like Ayetoro maize ABC, Ogbomosho maize ABC, perhaps they might learn a new thing and be more motivated and challenged.

On market, it is important to know the maize markets for the cluster; the BSS urged the cluster to create her website so as to expand her market. It is also important for the cluster to have a permanent address for easier location. Application of Aflasafe to maize farm is the secret to advance maize market. To secure the growing demand for aflatoxin-free maize, the BSS urged POs to always apply aflasafe to their maize farm at the proper rate till they are due for harvesting.  He also promised to link POs to reputable companies once the quality of POs produce can be assured.


At the end of the meeting, the BSS urged actors to integrate youths into the cluster; perhaps they might be encouraged to choose Agribusiness as a career.

He also advised ABC to maintain good credibility so they could stand out amongst others.



On September 7, 2017, a business meeting was held to discuss the linkage of POSs to IITA, Jubaili and other companies, for sustainable supply of inputs and services as 2SCALE support ends. The meeting was held at Onelife Initiative conference hall, New Bodija, Ibadan, and was attended by representatives from two different organizations.

POs often realized lower revenue from their farm enterprise because their harvest was of lower quantity and quality due to lack of access to the appropriate inputs and services. Therefore this meeting was at aimed linking the POs to IITA and Saro Agroscience for the sustainable supply of quality inputs. To accomplish this, representatives from the relevant units of these organizations were contacted to be part of the meeting.

Representing IITA (International Institute for Tropical Agriculture) Afflasafe unit were Mrs. Obilo and Mr. Julius. Saro Agroscience was represented by Mrs Eyitayo (Channel Officer and Crop Manager) and Mr Olajide (Saro Agroscience Sales Represensentaive).

The meeting was moderated by Mr. Sola Fugurosi and Mr. Olayiwola Sodiq, Onelife Initiative representatives.

The first session was anchored by Mrs. Obilo and Mr. Julius who talked about the importance of Afflasafe on aricultural products and the health of their consumers. More than 60% of the Maize used in Nigerian livestock feed mill industries are contaminated with aflatoxin, thereby resulting in increased animal mortality and decreased productivity. Afflasafe is a biochemical that can reduce the aflatoxin concentration of maize to an internationally acceptable level.

Mrs Eyitayo and Mr Olajide handled the second session and gave a summary on improved maize husbandry.

Following a question and answer session, the meeting was concluded with a brief recap of the meeting and appreciation of the invited facilitators.